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tick-yellow  Meat & Seafood

tick-yellow  Fruits & Vegetables

tick-yellow  Herbs & Spices

tick-yellow  Soft Drinks & Juices

tick-yellow  Groceries & Condiments

tick-yellow  Alcoholic Beverages

tick-yellow  Crockery & Cutlery

tick-yellow  Chafing Dishes

tick-yellow  Chinaware & Glassware

tick-yellow  Kitchen Utensils & Equipment

tick-yellow  Chef Apparel & Crew Wear

tick-blank  …and more!

Publish your catalogue online

List your products online on Zeemart so buyers can view it anytime, anywhere.

tick-blue Showcase unlimited products and services
tick-blue Upload your products in an easy-to-use interface

Manage orders and deliveries

Receive orders on your phone and keep track of your deliveries.

tick-blue Store everything on the cloud
tick-blue No need to manually write down orders and deliveries
tick-blue View sales data by buyers, orders or items

Keep your price lists private

While your catalogue is accessible to everyone, you remain in control of your price lists. Only buyers you’ve approved can see the prices of your products. You can even create a separate price list just for your loyal customers.

As seen by an unapproved buyer

As seen by a buyer you’ve approved

As seen by a loyal buyer

Get sales data and reports

Monitor and analyse sales data on-the-go as orders arrive.

tick-blue See what items are selling well and overall sales performance
tick-blue Export data to your computer when required
tick-blue Reduce paperwork and mistakes by going digital

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