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2020 Singapore National Day Promo: Enjoy JUMBO-sized rebates of up to 10.5%!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

To celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday, Zeemart and our suppliers have teamed up to offer an additional 5.5% rebate on top of the usual 5%!

This treat will be available exclusively over the National Day long weekend from 7th to 10th August 2020. All business-registered buyers will be entitled to this offer, with no maximum buying limits set.

In line with supporting our nation's goal of enabling SMEs to “Go Digital”, order payments must be done via PayNow or bank transfer to qualify for the additional 5.5%.

Look out for the special ‘“Additional 5.5% rebate” tag in the banner to identify participating suppliers for this promo.

So to recap, here’s an overview of the National Day Bonus promo:

  • Place your orders between 7th to 10th August 2020

  • Make payments with PayNow or bank transfer

  • No spending cap per customer​!

  • Extra 5.5% rebate is limited to only those suppliers with the special tag

  • Delivery date of orders must be between 12th to 31st Aug 2020

  • Promo is only for business customers, not consumers

Wait no more, stock up and save with Zeemart Essentials!

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