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New: Price change alerts, search & add suppliers, GRN improvements

Here's a recap of the recent new features and improvements we've released within the past few months.

Tracking price updates just became a whole lot easier

Keeping your 👀 on unexpected price increases? Let us help you with that. Use the new tracking option to get notified based on pre-set % movements.


Search and add new suppliers with ease

Started buying from a new supplier or have plans to do so? You now have the ability to search and add new suppliers on your own using the Buyer Hub.

Once added, your can easily include their items to the market list and proceed to place orders hassle-free.


Capture and share photos when doing GRNs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Problems with your delivery? Simply snap a photo and share it with the supplier directly on the app.


Download supplier contact details

Easily export all data with just a single click on the Buyer Hub.



Faster picking & packing

Fulfilling orders is now easier with these improvements for picking and packing lists on the Supplier Hub.

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