Brewing The Perfect Reports: How Lola's Cafe Does It

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If you happen to walk down 5 Simon Road and suddenly start catching a whiff of perfect, harmoniously brewed coffee, we can confirm with you that the aroma is coming from Lola’s Cafe.

Established May 2013, one of the earlier cafes that have outlasted and survived the Singapore Cafe Boom, Lola’s Cafe finds itself tucked along a quiet row of shop-houses not that far away from the Kovan MRT.

While their Ultimate Croissant and freshly ground coffee may be the favourite of many, their Honey Paprika Crispy Wings still reign supreme. Their signature wings, a fare offered by Lola’s since its opening, has always been the hallmark of Lola’s.

With such success and good rapport amongst the Hougang, Kovan, and the Singapore coffee community, there must be something beyond just fantastic food.

A 'Latte' Things Going Behind The Scenes

And that secret, my good people, is behind the management and organisation of their transactions.

For a start, if you’re an organised and streamlined business, you’ll be more than likely to have your purchases, inventories, and invoices "all in place" at where you want them to be while being easily reachable at any time. This will bring about improvement in your bottom line cost because you’ll know what’s missing and what’s not and have a better control of all your expenses.

But how can one possibly achieve all that purchasing stability and visibility with that many suppliers from raw ingredients, cleaning products, to packaging that F&B businesses tend to demand? All that hassle of punching out product codes manually is tedious in itself. Hitting minimum orders before actually being able to even buy your items is something else. So you’ll have to buy 100 lemons even though you'll only need one, what a sour thing to go through (Author's Note: No pun intended).

How’d they achieve it?

It was all made possible with the help of Zeemart, an F&B procurement platform to help you take charge of all your orderings.

How did Zeemart help?

"Zeemart helped us to translate our invoices from paper form to digital form, at a faster turnaround time. And with that aspect we are able to get an overview on the finance at a faster rate. This increased our admin and back office staff's productivity by up to 30%."

Wei Ming, Director of Lola's Cafe (Better Craft Pte Ltd)

Faster financial overviews, perfect conversions from analog to digital without needing to manually type (which we all know is a pain) invoices out are amongst the perks that Zeemart offers.

The accounting and administrative team no longer need to spend hours typing and checking their papers. With just a simple scan and document export from the manager, the team instantly gets a digital copy of their invoices with integration directly to their accounting softwares like Xero & QuickBook.

So, faster finance management and lesser work to do, with an almost perfect conversion to add to the list. Time management and perfection all in one.

Sometimes, the hare does win the race.

Check out Lola's Cafe if you're in the area: