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Chinese New Year, Lion Dance, and Lo Hei Festivity in Zeemart

On the 31st Jan 2020, or People’s Day in the Chinese Lunar calendar, Zeemart had its very own celebration of the Lunar New Year that included both the Lion Dance and Lo Hei.

It first began with the Lo Hei which was led by Ashley, from our Onboarding team. She adds the yusheng ingredients with us one by one in a specific order while reciting wishes of luck and prosperity. After that, everyone gathered around the plate of yusheng or the prosperity toss and started tossing the ingredients after a count of 3, shouting several auspicious phrases at the same time. Everyone then settled down to eat the yusheng after it was mixed.

This was followed by a Lion Dance led by a group of young performers. Their exuberant performance got everyone moving to the beat of the drums which kept the atmosphere of the day lively.

At the end of the performance, the Lion walked to every area of Zeemart to make sure that every inch of the office is blessed with happiness, longevity and good fortune! We ended the day with good ol’ pizza and some merry drinking.

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