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Hustling as an intern - Is a startup company the right place for you?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Is interning at a start-up company the right choice for you? What advantages will interning at a start-up give you? When evaluating your internship choices, some doubts and questions often come to mind. I’m here to help you clear any doubts you have of what it’s really like to work in a start-up. Let me share with you my experience here at Zeemart as a former intern.

Dominic Tam presenting his findings during Zeemart Summit 2019.

A distinct difference between interning in a start-up versus a large, established company is the scope of work you get to do; The smaller the company, the broader the job scope. The landscape of a startup is ever-changing and goes through constant rapid growth, so your responsibilities will vary and grow over time. When I started my internship as a Marketing Coordinator, I was tasked with clientele liaison, social media campaigning, and market research analysis. With time, my responsibilities grew and before I knew it, I had new things to do everyday.

Movie night at the cinema with the team!

Here at Zeemart, life never gets boring. The start-up environment gives you many opportunities to develop the skills that you’ve learnt in school, and expand your personal capabilities. Zeemart has an all-hands-on-deck mentality, so you’ll get to work on big projects alongside your team. I remember one occasion where I was tasked to go to restaurants to conduct research on the buyer’s persona; This ended up being one of my proudest accomplishments because this project was crucial for the improvement of the Zeemart app.

Everyone is treated equally, so you don’t have to worry about being babied here because the people here trust you to be accountable for your work and want you to gain the full experience of how a start-up operates. Despite being “an intern”, my input and feedback was always taken into account during discussions.

Zeemart’s inclusive culture makes it easy for you to assimilate into the Zeemart family. There is always a wide range of events planned – be it during work or after work – so everyone has an opportunity to come together; Movie nights, Futsal matches, and gym sessions are just the tip of the iceberg!

My internship in Zeemart was indeed a rich experience. Not only did I get to hone my skills, but I also gained more confidence when speaking with strangers. The friendships forged here was really the best takeaway from my internship. Join the Zeemart family and be inspired by the start-up spirit!

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