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Jacob Puthenparambil of RedHill PR - Zeemart Inspirational Champions Series

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

For the long-awaited fifth instalment of Zeemart Inspirational Champions Series, we had the pleasure to host Redhill’s founding partner, Jacob Puthenparambil. Redhill is a full-service public relations and communication firm which emphasises on building mutually beneficial relationships between their clients and the public. Named after a local myth of a betrayed hero whose blood bathed the entire hill in red after saving a village from a swordfish attack - Redhill signifies having ideas worth dying for.

Their clients range from large MNCs like Nokia to prominent startups like Grab. They have recently been named the 3rd fastest growing PR agency according to The Holmes Report’s Global PR Agency Ranking 2019. In the session, Jacob Puthenparambil shared about his journey before and after the founding of Redhill with us.

His journey began when he was an editor for a publishing company in the Middle East. He then shifted to become a journalist in Delhi, where he was managing the publication for three different magazines. This is when he was first introduced to the PR industry. Soon after, he discovered that there is more to PR than media relations. As a result, he dived deeper into the PR industry and has never looked back since.

In the early days of Redhill, Jacob strongly believed that his company would grow only when his clients grow. Because of that, he was and is still very selective when it comes to choosing his projects and clients. Up till today, his clients are mostly returning and long-term partners who value the process of growing together.

“We try to put the same 'just do it spirit' to our people and the people that we bring in to Redhill” said Mr Jacob on Redhill’s hiring process as they expand globally.

In addition, Jacob encourages openness in which he seeks to establish a work culture that does not have a strong hierarchical structure. This kind of structure will allow for honesty to flow among his team members, enabling them to learn and grow together.

We would like to thank Jacob Punthenparambil for sharing his incredible journey of growing and nurturing a successful company with all of us.

Below are the highlights of this event:-

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