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Max Scheichenost of FALCON Agency - Zeemart Inspirational Champions Series

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Zeemart’s Inspirational Champions Series took place once again on the 20th November 2019 for its 7th instalment in the series. This time we welcomed Max Scheichenost to the stage to speak on his experience and perspective as an entrepreneur and investor over here in Southeast Asia. Max is recognized for co-founding and investing in over 15 companies including FALCON, an eCommerce business that creates digital ventures, transforms industries, and redefines boundaries.

Max-F. Scheichenost

Using his own experience as an example, Max took his time to review with us the key pillars one needs to build a successful startup: a solid team, strategic timing, competitive speed, a great business model, and a unique selling proposition (USP). If all these ideas can intersect and at the same time fuels your passion, you’d be on the right path.

He continued by walking us through the fundamentals of fundraising and choosing the right investors for your startup company. An often overlooked advice is that a fundraising deal is only “done” once the money is in the bank account, and one needs to always be on your guard before that. Also, get a great lawyer early! He further emphasized that while the first offer may seem enticing, it is in one’s best interest to consider other factors such as whether you have negotiated and also the investors expectations and their ethical code.

Max even went as far as to compare fundraising and rejections to dating, conceptually. His final say on choosing your investors? “Don’t jump with the first one in bed.” A simple anecdote, but one we will surely remember for a long time.

On his lifestyle as an investor and entrepreneur, he provided some valuable tips on how he manages his time by sticking strictly to his calendar. He refrains from scheduling meetings on Mondays and Fridays to make sure that he has enough time for himself to have an overview of his portfolio companies, investments, etc. He reserves Saturdays for studying and self-improvements. He recommends exercising in the morning and to practice meditation, as these have helped him manage his stress level and perform at his best throughout the day.

With a positive outlook for the Southeast Asian market, Max assured us that the future is really exciting for us as the middle-income segment is growing and this further boosted smartphone penetrations as well. We would like to thank Max Scheichenost for being our guest for the evening and for sharing with us his secrets on leading successful startups.

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