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Moulding the next generation of Singapore entrepreneurs with school educators

Educators play an essential role in classrooms to inspire students to uncover new ideas and possibilities. With the ever-changing and continuous waves of disruption and innovation, how can we bridge the gap between educators and disruptive tech companies?

On the 26th September of 2019, we're glad to have hosted educators from the W4 cluster consisting of 13 schools and share with them why we do the things we do, and also how we execute and deliver world-class products. Our Chief Product Officer, Keith Tan, together with the Co-Founder of Seamless Bespoke, Josh Leong also took on questions which were raised by the the school principals and teachers such as the values one should adopt in this VUCA world.

At the end of the session, all of them, including the speakers felt that they’ve learned valuable insights and observations from each other. With this hands-off experience, we hope to see more future leaders and tech disruptors being nurtured here in Singapore by these wonderful school educators.

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