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Project Zeepavali: Bringing The Taste Of Home To Our Migrant Workers

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

If we look around us today, we see a clean and modern metropolitan city which could not have been achieved without our unsung heroes - the migrant workers. We are able to enjoy working and living safely in this garden city all thanks to their hard work, blood, sweat and tears, while being away from their family. This Deepavali, Zeemart and our partners wanted to show our appreciation to them as contributors to our nation's growth.

We pooled together our connections and resources to prepare a feast of gratitude, for the migrant workers. This came in the form of prepared meals in multiple cuisines, gourmet ice-cream, dessert bowls and local snacks - all with the intention to tuck into a scrumptious meal that they would've usually enjoyed back home with their families.

“Seeing suppliers, F&B operators, as well as our team here at Zeemart come together to make this event a grand success was amazing. I was deeply touched by the fact that we were able to bring happiness to more than 300 migrant workers whom we had never met before. Above all, being able to make a difference was truly heartwarming and meaningful.”

- Beena Natarajan, Head of Talent and Vibe at Zeemart

Now, what would Project Zeepavali be without some good music and entertainment? We were fortunate to be joined by a local radio station, Mediacorp Oli 96.8 FM, who kept the atmosphere lively throughout the event with their tunes. DJ Rafi, DJ Guna, and DJ Vimala also took the lead in entertaining and interacting with the crowd.

Watching the migrant workers come together to celebrate Deepavali with such a festive mood was a humbling experience for all of us.

“Deepavali, being the festival of lights, was the best "excuse" for us to spread the light to everyone and especially for those that work day and night to help build Singapore. Seeing the smiles on everyone; colleagues and migrant workers, we all just feel richer in our heart.”

- Ranielle Lam, Digital Project Manager at Zeemart

We would like thank our sponsors for their generous donations to our cause: Catering Solutions for the ethnic cuisines, Dole Asia Holdings for the fruit cups, Lim Siang Huat for the snacks, Winsome Green for the Mingo ice-cream, Mediacorp Oli 96.8 FM for creating a festive atmosphere, Migrant Workers' Centre and Boustead Singapore for making it happen, and to those who chose to remain anonymous. This event truly wouldn’t have been possible without their help.

Wishing you all a Happy Deepavali from everyone at Zeemart!

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