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Supplier Spotlight: July 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

If you’re looking to discover new items or ingredients to expand your menu offering, look no further.

From locally-roasted coffee beans to award-winning gin and vodka, here are 4 suppliers for this month’s Zeemart Essentials’ Supplier Spotlight.

1. Frosts Food & Beverage

Frosts Food & Beverage Ptd Ltd/Facebook

Since starting their operations in 1996 at Tuas, Frosts have established themselves as a key supplier in the industry today. Their 27,000 square feet facility has 3 large freezer rooms with a total capacity of about 500 standard pallet space, chiller rooms and dry goods storage space.

From AAA grade Canadian beef to Hong Kong Mei-Xin mooncakes, they carry a wide selection of products that you can choose from. One of their top-selling products is American’s number one Greek yoghurt, Chobani.

2. Honey-Land International


A familiar name in the industry, Honey-Land’s portfolio comprises international brands like Monin Syrups from France that has won many awards in barista & cocktail competitions around the world & Finest Call Cocktail Mixes from USA that make bartending easy. Other products are Splenda Sweeteners from Australia, Greenfields from Indonesia & Nihon Shokken from Japan, Desiree’s Toppings & Clearly Canola Cooking Spray both from Canada.

Their MONIN range of products is used in all avenues of F&B, including restaurants, schools, cinemas and even airlines.

3. King’s Cart Coffee

King’s Cart Coffee/Facebook

Co-founders Ronald Tan & Maggie Chen turned their passion for coffee into a business. A SCA certified roaster and a Q Arabica grader respectively, both come with heavyweight credentials that are highly sought after in the coffee industry.

Top quality is ensured as all sourcing and roasting is done in-house, with their coffee beans originating from every corner of the world. You’ve got your Lintongs from Indonesia, El Salvador’s Santa Ana beans and even Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe. Do also check out their very own range of ready-to-drink brews.

4. Wine & Whisky

Wine & Whisky/Facebook

Best known for the unique and highly coveted labels that they carry, Wine and Whisky has been in the alcohol scene since 2014.

With their exclusive and close ties with the very best winemakers and whisky suppliers out there, their range includes brands such as Mars Komagatake, Jean Bourdy and even the award-winning ARC Gin by Full Circle, who won the World Gin Awards’ Category Gold in 2019 for their Archipelago Barrel Reserve Gin.


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