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Top 5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Order For Delivery

Having guests over this weekend but bored of the conventional fare of fried chicken or pizza?

If you’re looking for something more adventurous to make an impression, look no further! Here are the top 5 options that you *probably* didn’t know you can get delivered!

Penis Soup

PHOTO: Imperial Herbal Restaurant

Yes, you’ve read that right. Penis Soup, also known as “Lu Bian” soup, is available for delivery from Imperial Herbal restaurant!

Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that the deer penis helps with one’s virility and has thought to be aphrodisiac (which simply means that your sexual desire will be enhanced. rawr).

Make sure you place an order at least 24 hours in advance. You can find this dish under their Double Boiled Soups in their A la carte menu.

Cocktail Punch Bowl

PHOTO: Facebook/Jigger and Pony

Phase 2A has arrived but you’re still not ready to socialize in crowded bars, and prefer having your close mates over for an intimate evening instead.

“What drinks am I supposed to serve to them? We need something different to mark this occasion!”

That’s where Jigger and Pony come to your rescue with their delectable punch bowls. No, they don’t come in a bowl but come delivered in conveniently packaged cocktail pouches.

Both options, namely the Pendennis Punch and the King Ferdinand start at $200.00 and they recommend a sharing party of 4 people a bowl. Perfect for the 5 pax social gathering cap.

Korean Stew Survival Kit

Photo: Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant

If you’ve been craving Chappaguri (Parasite fans will remember this dish taking over social media platforms by storm) or even Army Stew but can’t seem to find the ingredients, fret not!

The good people at Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant have decided to come up with a survival kit to ensure that your cravings for these rather iconic dishes are met.

While they’re usually geared towards self-collection, delivery is available if you order 3 survival kits or more at a flat rate of only $4! Take note that you’d have to order them a day in advance.

Indian Hot Pot-On-The-Go

Photo: Facebook/The Cavern Horsecity

You might’ve heard about the Hot Pot being a Chinese cooking method, but what about an Indian take on it?

Enter The Cavern Horsecity, known for being the first and probably only place to serve Indian-style Hot Pot.

With soup bases ranging from crab, anchovy to sardine laksa, you’d be spoiled for choice with their add ons that range from baby corns, black pepper luncheon meat to even garlic pepper chicken!

You’ll have to pre-order them though, so do book in advance by dropping them a message on Facebook before hosting a Buda-ka party during this Phase 2!

Swedish Open-faced Sandwiches

Photo: Facebook/ Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

For those deprived of their regular IKEA shopping, Fika might just be able to help with your fix.

This local cafe serves the most authentic, yet unique Swedish dishes available in Singapore. From dishes such as their lovely Gravlaxsmörgås (cured salmon with lumpfish roe sandwich) to even Räksmörgås (a shrimp and egg open-faced sandwich).

While they are open during Phase 2, they still offer delivery services for their food with a $10 delivery fee if you order below $80.


As the lockdown restrictions get lifted, not everyone’s going helter-skelter making up for the lost time to dine in restaurants.

Food delivery might still be the choice for many, with hosting home gatherings with friends the safer and less harried option. Restaurants should tap into this by offering more creative and insta-worthy creations that add to the celebratory mood.

Be it compressed and compact whole meals that expand into full serving meals at the pop of a microwave, or delivery bags that come with their own hotplate, consumers will be searching for unique ways to impress their guests.

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