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Trust & Tech: The Story Of How Riverwalk Tandoor Eliminated 90% Of Their Ordering Errors

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Riverwalk Tandoor had their humble beginnings as a catering business at The Riverwalk, Upper Circular Road. They have since expanded into a successful restaurant chain with a total of 3 outlets. Even after 21 years, they are still receiving songs of praises for their exquisite North Indian cuisine and outstanding services from every single one of their many regulars. This is due to their chefs, service crew, and managers who pride themselves as Riverwalk Tandoor’s food and service ambassadors.

Riverwalk Tandoor facade

From their signature Tandoori Chicken to the crowd favourite Butter Chicken, rest assured, they have something for everyone to delight in. Their best seller at their original Riverwalk outlet, Riverwalk Ka Vishesh, also commonly known as the Table Tandoor, never fails to blow everyone away with its stunning presentation. It is no surprise that they have also become the preferred caterer for many venues such as Gardens by the Bay, Suntec Convention Centre, Hotel Re, Hotel Rendezvous, Novotel, Serangoon Garden Country Club, and many more.

Riverwalk Ka Vishesh
Their bestseller, the Riverwalk Ka Vishesh, also commonly known as the Table Tandoor.

We had the opportunity to speak with their Operations Director, Sukhvinder Singh & their Senior Restaurant Manager, John Clifton, to find out more on how they achieved such success.

Riverwalk Tandoor’s secret? Relationships. They have built trust and a solid relationship with their customers as well as their suppliers. Doing this ensures that their supplies never run dry, regardless of shortages. This has allowed them to maintain consistency in the food quality that their patrons appreciate and love so much.

Apart from the trust they have fostered with their suppliers and customers, they are also very tech-savvy and keep technological advancements close to their hearts in terms of both hardware and software. In order to maintain longevity and sustainability of Riverwalk Tandoor, they are on a constant lookout for productivity and efficiencies, aside from keeping up with food trends.

One of the ways they have chosen to use technology to help them maintain productivity and efficiency is though the use of apps such as Zeemart. After using Zeemart for a short while, we have already made a huge difference in the way that their business is being run.

Making orders have become a lot smoother as fewer mistakes are being made. In fact, the number of wrong orders have been reduced to as low as 10% of what it was before! Previously, their staff had to send in handwritten orders as well as faxes, e-mails, and WhatsApp messages, all of which the suppliers might have misread. All these added up to the number of wrong orders being made each month.

With the help of Zeemart, they now have a clearer overview of orders made by all their outlets, as well as any changes in product prices, making it easier than ever to monitor their procurement.


“Zeemart has saved 50% of my time looking at invoices. You can look at your reports on-to-go from your mobile & desktop. You don’t have to go to your outlets, and it saves me a lot of travelling time.”

Sukhvinder Singh, Operations Director of Riverwalk Tandoor


“Zeemart has allowed us to place orders faster through the Favourite List. This has eliminated 70% of the time previously spent in managing our orders”.

John Clifton, Senior Restaurant Manager of Riverwalk Tandoor


Additionally, their relationship with their suppliers have also become a lot more personal. Now, in addition to reduced ordering errors, they’re able to spend more time interacting with their customers and suppliers regarding their food quality and dining experience.

We ended our lovely conversation with Riverwalk Tandoor with some advice for those interested in starting a new F&B establishment. The top 3 things that Mr Sukhvinder recommends to always keep in mind are:-

1) To be personally involved

2) To look after your staff, and

3) To always look after your customers.

Pay them a visit now at their Riverwalk outlet to get a taste of their best-selling Riverwalk Ka Vishesh:-

Their other outlets can be found here:

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