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What it's like to intern at Zeemart- An American reflection

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

My internship at Zeemart has opened me to new experiences that I will always cherish for a long time to come. When applying to Zeemart, I was expecting an ordinary internship which will have consisted of dull tasks. But, my internship at Zeemart was the opposite of that. On the first day, I was welcomed as a member of the team instead of just another intern. After the first day, I was assigned projects which required me to work with colleagues from various departments. This has given me the chance to form connections with everyone in the company, which also has resulted in friendship and camaraderie that last even after I ended my internship.

"I woke up like this" - Carlos Domingues

My internship mostly consisted of investor relations research. During this time, I learned the different types of investors and investing structures. My favourite part of working in the investor relations department was the events that I had to attend to on behalf of Zeemart.

One of the events that I attended was a pitching contest where start-ups pitch their companies to judges for a chance to obtain additional funding and mentorship opportunity. Listening to founders talking about their start-ups was really inspiring because each founder came from a different backgrounds yet have the same drive in making a difference to this world. This event has also made me realize that no matter what your background was, if you have a dream, then you should go for it.

Another event that I went to was Innovfest Unbound at the Marina Bay Sands. Over at this event, I managed to interact with many interesting speakers and exhibitors. Before Innovfest, I have always had the problem of approaching someone to network with but having been encouraged by my mentors to interact on the ground helped me greatly in stepping out of my comfort zone.

Besides working in the investor relations department, I was also tasked with projects within the marketing team. Together the marketing team, I helped in increasing Zeemart's social media presence and reach. By doing this, I learned quite a number of useful on-demand skills because social media has become such a vital marketing tool that many companies are utilising these days for lead generation and user engagement purpose.

"Good times and tan lines in Singapore". Macritchie TreeTop Walk with the team!

When applying to Zeemart, I was nervous about many things, like staying in Singapore, a country which I’ve never been to before. Nervous about my first internship experience and how it will turn out. Nervous if I will be welcomed and blend in with everyone at Zeemart. With all of these at the back of my head, I gained the courage to apply; and I’m truly glad I did. Over the course of my internship, Zeemart has allowed me to embrace Singapore and its culture. It has allowed me to make new friends that I will always be thankful for. It has taught me skills that would definitely come in handy when I graduate. Thank you, everybody, at Zeemart!

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