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Wyn Foods Pte Ltd

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Wyn Foods Pte Ltd

Wyn Foods Pte Ltd is a leading food company in Singapore. The company was incorporated in January 2014, and has since established their presence domestically as well as in overseas markets, namely the Maldives, India, the Middle East, Africa, and China.

Wyn Foods Pte Ltd specialises in cooking oil and canned tuna, and they are one of the main suppliers of edible oil in the Singapore market. Locally, they market and distribute one of the most reputable brands of cooking oil and tuna – BellStar. More than 1,200 restaurants, eateries, caterers, food processing companies, and hotels are already using BellStar products. The BellStar brand is also a popular choice amongst many reputable chefs and households.

Wyn Foods Pte Ltd has a management team with more than 30 years of individual experience in edible oil and food industry. Anchoring on their strong presence in Singapore, they are constantly seeking and developing new markets abroad.

At Wyn Foods, they offer great quality, value, services and a reliable partnership.

Wyn Foods believes and supports the sustainability of all food sources, and they ensure that their source of tuna fish do just that. Their tuna fish comes from Maldives.

Dolphin Safe

With pole and line as the only method used in the country, the Maldives label is an assurance that it is dolphin safe.

Pole & Line

The most sustainable Fishery in the world where nothing but the target species is caught.



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