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  • Gabriel Shawn

Zoom and Essentials are now one!

From 30 November 2020, Zoom will be merged with Essentials.

Why the merge?

This is part of our ongoing efforts to provide all our customers with a consistent experience with Zeemart. Get excited by an extended range of products and lots of extra perks only available on Essentials.

Extended Range of Products

With a wider line-up of ingredients and suppliers to choose from, be spoilt for choice with more than 7,000 items available from over 60 suppliers!

Extra Perks

Now you can place orders from Zeemart through our mobile app. This includes benefits and features like favouriting items, smart product search, promo codes and more!

Want to get started?

Simply download our app and register with your phone number or email to start ordering.

Learn more about other recent product updates.


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