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How 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre) Reduces Time Spent In Their Back-of-House By 30%

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

8 Korean BBQ has become famous for its mouthwatering menu and outstanding customer service. Its name is derived from its signature dish: the 8 Colours Set. The set comes with 8 different palatable flavours of thick, scrumptious slices of Mangalitsa pork belly - also known as the Kobe-beef of pork with its well-marbled and melt-in-the-mouth meat.

These signature flavours, in the recommended order of tasting, Wine, Original, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso, Red Pepper Paste and Kalbi are capable of satisfying anyone's taste buds. To complete the entire Korean BBQ experience, well-trained service team at the full-service Korean BBQ restaurant will expertly prepare your food on your table while you sink your teeth into a crispy and soft haemul pajeon (seafood pancake).

With the Korean BBQ chains in Singapore becoming increasingly saturated, how is 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre) able to ensure top-notch service while serving their famous and exquisite dishes that leaves everybody wanting more? We spoke to one of the owners of 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre), Shaun Leong where he revealed his secrets to us - The kitchen and people are key in running the restaurant well; his team is empowered with tools that help them to be more efficient.

Ever since they’ve started using Zeemart, they are able to keep track of their spendings and save many man-hours previously spent doing manual tasks such as placing orders manually via WhatsApp and filing invoices.


“Zeemart team has been very supportive in getting our team to adapt to the new technology of ordering through the app.

My team and I have found it pretty simple to use and we are able to keep track of the supplies, which helped us save cost!

Kudos to the Zeemart team. Keep going!”

Shaun Leong, Owner of 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre)


With Zeemart, they’ve also managed to save 30% of their time in processing their invoices by utilising Zeemart’s invoice digitisation feature. This has allowed them to divert that saved time, energy and funds into maximising productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, ordering is less of a hassle now that Zeemart has centralised all their suppliers, orders, and invoices within one platform. After all, the smallest details make the greatest differences.

Want to satisfy your Korean BBQ fix at a full-service setting? Find them at:-

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