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How a neighbourhood Grill & Bar turns the heat up

Homeground Grill & Bar is a cosy bistro nestled in a quiet neighbourhood of Serangoon serving up your typical grill fare with a very unique twist - alcohol, even in your steak. While running a homely hole-in-the-wall bistro and knowing your customers by name has its charms, operations always has to be kept lean for when people come, they will come in droves. Hence, every minute counts and ensuring that mundane processes like ordering from suppliers should be done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

With Zeemart's app, I could do it on the go and it was very convenient!

However, it doesn't help when suppliers weren't exactly the most tech-savvy and ordering (to Chef Nellie, Co-founder & Head Chef) had to whip out her laptop, upload orders to Google Drive and send them over to the supplier to simply place an order. With Zeemart, Nellie now has the luxury of ordering from her own bed at 1am or during the lunch crowd at 1pm.

I think one very useful feature [Zeemart] has is that it tells me what deliveries I have today, what deliveries are upcoming so that it's easy to keep track of when what is coming and how much of it.

By utilising our app's ordering dashboard, Nellie is able to be up-to-date on what, when, and how much is coming on any given day. So, yes, no more to being surprised when a supplier comes to deliver your goods.

We can have multiple accounts for the people who work here, for my other staff, it really helps because anyone can place the order and do the purchasing

We understand that head chefs might not always have the time to keep track of inventory and decide on what need to be ordered. Hence, the Add User feature allows the main user to create accounts for their staff to place orders that the head chef can then approve and send to suppliers. Now anyone and everyone can use Zeemart too!

Check them out in our Mise En Place series feature!

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