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An Italian Restaurant With A Japanese Chef-Owner In A Singaporean Kitchen

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Established in 2017, Ristorante Luka offers contemporary Italian cuisine with Japanese influences, which are made apparent in what they offer at both Cross Street Exchange and Tanjong Pagar outlets. The chef-owner, Takashi Okuno came from a family of restaurateurs and he had previously helmed L'Operetta and Drinks & Co.

Currently, they’re on the rise to be one of the best Italian-Japanese fusion restaurants in Singapore. How did they do it?

Watch how they juggle their back-of-house operations and satisfy their customers from the perspective of their Operations Manager, Giorgio Nathen.


"When we have to manually count the spendings by collating all invoices, it takes us about an hour. Using the Zeemart app, it takes us 5 minutes. That's roughly 92% of the time saved!"

Giorgio Nathen, Operations Manager of Luka Ristorante


If you’re craving the following:

  • Mentaiko & Ikura Pasta

  • A5 Grade Japanese Wagyu steaks

  • Neapolitan Pizza from their Stefano Ferrara oven

Visit their restaurant at:

And their Facebook page here.

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