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NEW! 📈 Generate consumption reports in Zeemart Buyer Hub.

As more of you start using the Inventory feature, you’ve requested finer controls to calculate consumption as well as flexibility in doing stock counts.

As always, we’re more than happy to oblige. We are happy to announce a new feature, Generate Consumption Reports, in Buyer Hub! Furthermore, we've made a minor improvement to one of the features. Read below to find out.

Generate consumption reports in Inventory

Consumption report allows you to see, for each inventory item such as the starting quantity, quantity purchased any adjustments and ending quantity. You can only select dates where there are stock counts performed on the date. Learn more on how you can generate a consumption report.


Amend mistakes in stock counts

Spotted something wrong in a recent stock count? Now you can fix it right away! This feature is available on both the Zeemart App and the Buyer Hub. For Zeemart app (IOS/Android): Tap the inventory list on the main Inventory page, then select an item. It'll ask whether you'd like to record an adjustment or edit the wrong stock count quantity. Select the second option and input the correct quantity. The quantity will be updated immediately on the inventory list page.

For Buyer Hub: Go to the inventory list page, and select Actions > Amend 'last count' quantity next to an item. Input the correct quantity and save. The quantity will be updated immediately on the inventory list page.

Get our latest update from the App Store or Google Play!

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