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Zeemart app July 21' updates!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We've added new features and made some improvements to the app. Here's a quick summary for your reference.

1 . Create detailed Goods Received Notes for your orders

You can now record in detail what, and how much of your order was received with a Goods Received Note : a) Record what items you actually received, including items not in your marketlist b) What the quantity received was c) When it was received d) Upload the invoice you received for that order Learn more on how you can create GRN.

2 . Review UOM conversion rate updates in Inventory

Check changes caused by updated UOM information in catalogue to make sure your inventory remains accurate. Read more about how to review UOM conversion rate updates.

3 . Know when suppliers have acknowledged your orders

Receive push notifications when orders are acknowledged by suppliers. Acknowledged orders are indicated with a status in the order detail page.

Learn more about order status.

4 . View reports by tags

You can now view and export spending report by custom tags on Zeemart app and Buyer Hub. Click here for Zeemart app | Click here for Buyer Hub

Get our latest update from the App Store or Google Play!

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