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NEW: Inventory on Supplier Hub

Good news for our supplier and Central Kitchen users! Tracking inventory just became easier with the new Inventory feature on the Supplier Hub.

We've also updated the buyer app with a MOV (minimum order value) tracker in the ordering flow, and you can now transfer stock between inventory lists.

Keep on reading to find out more!


For suppliers

All-new Supplier Inventory

The new Inventory feature on the Supplier Hub allows you to conveniently monitor stock on hand in real-time, updated whenever there's a new incoming order as well as when you've fulfilled an order.

Use it to record stock top ups whenever you get new supplies or have done a production, or note down any wastages that have happened.


Transfer stock between inventory lists

It's now possible to move stock internally between lists within the same outlet.


Custom UOMs for recipe ingredients

Add ingredients to recipes using a different UOM than the one currently used in Inventory. Simply provide the conversion rate when asked.


MOV tracker while ordering

No more guessing whether your order has met the MOV or not, you'll now be clearly shown the remaining amount to add in order to hit the MOV.

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