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New: Say Hello to Auto Reconciliation!

We've released a powerful new report to help with your accounts payable process.

Plus, there's also a new integration to MYOB for our users in Australia, and a new feature for suppliers to manage their catalogues better.

Read on to find out more.


Invoice matching made easy

FREE to all users until end of 2023

Line-by-line checking is now available with our new 3-Way Match report. Compare not just what you ordered and were invoiced for, but also what you actually received.

This tedious time-sucker task is now automated right out of the box. Catch variances, price changes, and more with this powerful new feature.


Integrate with MYOB Business

Link your MYOB account and export your digitised invoices with a single click.



Greater catalogue controls

If some items in the Catalogue are temporarily unavailable (e.g. seasonal items), you can now mark them as Unavailable for ordering.

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