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Staying Relevant As The First Whisky Bar In Singapore

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Famous for their extraordinary range in Scottish whisky, Quaich Bar (pronounced ‘quake’) has made their place as the first whisky bar in Singapore. Drawing their name from the Scottish Gaelic cup, Quaich Bar emulates a symbol of welcome and friendship.

Quaich Bar began as a small kiosk known as 'The Whisky Store' at the corner of Tanglin Mall in 2005. Back then, there wasn’t any bars with a dedicated whisky concept in Singapore. It was only a matter of a year before the owners opened Singapore’s first whisky bar at Waterfront Plaza to cater to this niche.

Specialising in single malt whisky, Quaich Bar has garnered the title of the “Great Whisky Bar of the World” by the International Whisky Magazine in 2006. As their business ventures proved to be quite successful, Quaich Bar eventually opened up their second location outside the JW Marriott on South Beach Avenue in 2016.

Shortly after their initial success in 2006, Quaich Bar was met with new competitors. While their status as the first whisky bar helped to pave the way to their success, it was not enough to sustain it. The only way to stay relevant was to find the secret behind attracting new consumers.

Quaich Bar then had to dive deeper into the values they were founded on, i.e., a vast selection of whisky and outstanding customer service. Having acquired long term relationships with their suppliers has allowed them to procure exclusive bottles from local suppliers.

With their signature drink, a single-malt whiskey, comprised only of wheat, barley, and yeast, the unique distillation processes make the varieties seem endless. Taking this into account, Quaich Bar introduced “whisky flights” to their menu. This menu option allows guests to experience one ounce servings of a few of the countless varieties housed at their bar.

Quaich Bar prides themselves in their customer experience and their ability to create relationships with their customers that expand beyond the corners of the bar. They’ve had friends turn into family and even business partners.

With the intention to train their staff and develop their taste in whisky, Quaich Bar regularly arranges trips to Scotland each year and at the same time will invite some of their customers along for the ride.

In order to maintain their impressive customer experience, Quaich Bar has also incorporated Zeemart into their in-house operations. By cutting down on the number of hours spent contacting suppliers through various outlets, Zeemart has compiled all their needs into a single application. Now all the time they had spent organising and taking care of stock, is the time that they use to build valuable customer experience.


“Sometimes, when we are at home and we remember that we have forgotten to order something, we can immediately order it.”

Chandrew Subra, Manager of Quaich Bar


With the accessibility of mobile ordering as well as doing away with the worry of having to search through a slew of contacts to reach their suppliers, Zeemart has worked to decrease the stress associated with traditional ordering methods.


“We don’t have a situation anymore where we have to send a WhatsApp message to that supplier, send an email to that supplier, call that supplier - there’s a lot of back and forth with them about our order. With Zeemart, you just plug it in, it gets delivered.”

Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Chief Marketing Officer of Quaich Bar


Furthermore, Zeemart’s simple design has made ordering a breeze for new users making the learning and implementation process practically seamless.


“Zeemart is a lot easier because all we need to do is just open the app, and there you are, all the suppliers, all the contacts.”

Iris Raymundo, Manager of Quaich Bar


Even today, the app has continued to streamline and simplify the ordering process at the bar and this has continued to help them in focusing on the other aspects of their business. So while Zeemart takes care of the ordering, Quaich Bar can take care of its customers.

Looking to find your favorite signature whisky blend? Be sure to visit Quaich Bar at:

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