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Thriving in the rural part of Singapore: Focusing on menu inspiration

Craving for Brunch and yet can’t wake up in time? Introducing Riders Café, serving brunch till 3pm at a wonderful location with a rustic charm which would remind you of the countryside area in England.

They also provide a dinner menu which is based on modern Western and Australian cuisines. Find out as we have a chat with Willa Wong, co-founder of Riders Café on how they are able to sustain their business and thrive for more than 10 years with no prior F&B experience.

Fried Chicken and Corn Cake
Fried Chicken and Corn Cake

"Unlike last time, either my chef or I would place the order. But now, I have my restaurant manager, chef, chef assistant to do it, we can have 4 people using the app - Sharing the workload, making the order, making sure everyone is on top of things."

Willa Wong, Co-founder of Riders Cafe


Death by Chocolate Cake
Death by Chocolate Cake

Riders Cafe menu

Do check out their dessert; Death By Chocolate Cake, it has been a mainstay in their menu for the past 12 years for a reason!

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