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Traditional Taste In A Modernised Way: How Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen Manage Their Spendings

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen is a homely Thai restaurant that began their operations at the heart of bustling Beach Road back in 2016. They have since expanded to another outlet in Balestier Zhongshan Mall with plans for more. Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen believes that everyone would be able to enjoy their food despite different preferences as Thai food consist of a variety of taste profile from sweet, sour, savoury to spicy. Some of the Thai food even combine all these tastes into one bite, like the ever popular Tom Yum.

Signature Jade Noodle from Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen
Signature Jade Noodle from Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

They are well recognised for their Signature Jade Noodle which is an uncommon Thai noodle made from the spinach and yet when paired with the common Thai basil meat makes it a delectable dish. Another thing that makes this dish special is the inclusion of the sous vide eggs into the dish, in which they usually cook more than 100 pieces in a day just for this dish. Plus, this noodle can be left in the open for a couple of hours after serving and still maintain its texture and springiness.

What sets them apart from the many Thai restaurants here in Singapore is also the inclusion of Khao Soi in their menu which is a unique Northern Thai dish from the region of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Khao Soi from Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen
Khao Soi from Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

We approached Keith Teo, the business owner and Hira Singh, the supervisor of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen to find out more about their secrets in running the business.

Keith believes that the relationship between supplier and F&B operator is a sacred one in which the supplier will grow together with their growth. Since they are very meticulous in picking their ingredients, they had spent a substantial amount of time to source and settle for the right supplier that fit their needs.

Besides that, the restaurant atmosphere also played a huge role in their success and survival. Keith has put much attention in the decoration and design of his restaurants, such that he even ships in statues from Thailand to place at the entrance of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen. Both their decorations and their service undoubtably hint at the feeling of a warm welcome into a humble abode.

Keith Teo (left), the business owner and Hira Singh (right), the supervisor of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen
Keith Teo (left), the business owner and Hira Singh (right), the supervisor of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

On top of all that, both Keith and Hira believes that having a strong team will make the business grow and flourish. With regards to that, being technologically inclined has always been a goal that Keith set for his team. He strongly believes that this will help them to maintain the productivity and efficiency needed as they grow to the next level. One such technology that they are using for their back-of-house operations is Zeemart.


"It is very difficult to monitor everything in hard copy. With Zeemart, there is always statistics and graphs that help us to see how much we order & spend on our ingredients and supplies."

Keith Teo, Business Owner of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen


Zeemart has made it easy for Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen to track their spendings, resulting in the removal of a portion of their time previously spent on paperwork so that they can now focus more on their service and food quality. Hira also mentioned that with Zeemart, they now have a tighter grip on their spending and able to get notified immediately whenever there are any price changes from their suppliers through the invoices that they upload to Zeemart.


"With Zeemart, we are notified when there are any changes in the price of our supplies. Previously, we do not notice these changes as often we do not have the spare time to check."

Hira Singh, Supervisor of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen


Do check out on both their outlets to fully immerse into a Northern Thai experience like no other:

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