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Zeebra in Horsecity: How Zeemart reduced the time needed for ordering and finding invoices

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When someone says ‘Turf Club Road’, chances are you’d probably think about The Grandstand, Sixth Avenue MRT station, football pitches, and probably horses. But definitely not a rustic Indian restaurant bar with happening live bands!

That's right, nestled deep inside the 100 Turf Club Road, lies a lively restaurant bar known as The Cavern Horsecity that serves amazing chops and burgers, complete with live music and a huge (by huge, I mean really huge) selection of drinks to indulge in.

They Don’t Horse Around

While they may be serving your standard western fare such as Crispy Battered Fish and Chips (which they use Red Snapper, instead of your usual Cod or Dory, so you’ll get that hint of sweetness with a firm yet moist texture) as well as Asian favourites such as their spicy Thai Basil Chicken, they’re mostly famous for their Satti Soru.

For those that don’t know, Satti Soru is a “wok-rice” of Indian origin, much like your Nasi Goreng or Chao Fan. Except that they typically use a Masala or curry base for their stir-fry.

Also do check out their Budaka menu, otherwise known as the Indian traditional hotpot and grill concept coupled with either their Indian-themed soup bases or their unique Sardine Laksa soup base! They also claimed that it's the first ever Indian hotpot & grill here in Singapore.

With such an extensive menu together with the multiple cuisine that they offer, one may wonder how do they even keep stock of their raw ingredients and restaurant supplies.

The Zeebra in Horsecity

With the invoice digitisation and order management features that Zeemart is known for, the management of The Cavern Horsecity has simplified and organised their F&B operations back-end to the point that, Lalitha, the manager of The Cavern Horsecity has alluded us that an hour’s job is now being done in merely 10 minutes.


"Anything that we needed to find, or track back to, we can just go into the app and we could actually retrieve it."

Lalitha, Manager of The Cavern Horsecity


Don't believe us? Pay them a visit, talk to Lalitha, bring along your friends, and enjoy their live bands while savouring their Budaka!

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