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✨Inventory & GRN improvements, support for Chinese UOMs

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Zeemart app and the Buyer Hub have been updated, bringing several enhancements to Inventory: improved inventory transfers and the ability to save stock counts without counting every item.

In addition, there's now support for displaying custom names in GRN as well as Chinese UOMs while ordering.


Improved inventory transfers

Select a transfer destination when recording inventory transfers and we'll automatically create a corresponding 'incoming transfer' entry at the destination, as long as the same item is already in the destination's inventory, and using the same inventory UOM.

Simply create an Adjustment, select Transfer out, and you'll be prompted to choose where you are transferring the item to.


Save stock counts without counting every item

Leave some fields empty while doing a stock count and they'll be automatically filled in with 0 upon saving—this is useful if your inventory list contains many seasonal items that are only stocked occasionally!


Custom item names in GRN

If you've assigned custom names (such as Chinese names or local product names) or your own product codes to market list items, you can now also see them while receiving orders (mobile app only).


View Chinese UOMs when creating orders

On the mobile app, users who are using the Chinese interface will now see UOMs in Chinese (if available) while ordering.

Please note that not all UOMs will have Chinese translations and there are several similar English UOMs sharing the same Chinese translations. The Chinese UOMs are only there to assist users while ordering—they don't appear in POs and are not visible to the suppliers.


Download the update now

Or log in to Buyer Hub:

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