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March 2021 Product Updates!

Updated: May 17, 2021

1 . Get short-term financing with FinaxarPay

Users who signed up for free 30-day credit terms can now select “FinaxarPay” as a payment option when paying for Essentials orders.

2. Smart Search on Essentials

Search results will now appear automatically as you type and will also include matching categories.

3. SKU Certification Display

SKU details will now display the relevant certifications (For e.g. Halal, Organic, Vegan, etc).

4. Custom Inventory SKU Name Display

You can now choose to display custom SKU names instead of the Supplier SKU names in Inventory.

Toggle it at More > Inventory > Settings

5. More ways to add to cart

Items can now be added to order directly from the SKU details page.

6. New order status

We've introduced a new “Void” order status. This is to indicate orders that are rejected by suppliers.

7. No 'MOV' applied for add-on orders

If there is a prior order made to a supplier, subsequent orders made to the same supplier for delivery for the same date will no longer be subjected to the MOV.

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