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All-new invoice uploads, PO vs GRN comparison report …and more!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The latest version of the Zeemart app (iOS v2.58, Android v2.71) brings you an improved invoice uploading experience. This update also lets you quickly notify the supplier of incomplete/partial deliveries right from the GRN page.

For desktop users, there’s a brand new report on the Buyer Hub that compares what you ordered vs what you received (assuming you’re already doing order receiving on Zeemart of course!).

Read on to find out more.


Improved invoice uploads

We've been getting feedback that tracking invoice uploads on the app should be made easier to do. In the improved upload feature, instead of uploading and seeing a bunch of uploads with meaningless filenames, they are now linked to orders so it’s easier to find them.

Even better, we’ll tell you when you still have orders with no uploads so you won’t miss any of them!


Notify suppliers of incomplete deliveries

Have you ever ordered 20 trays of eggs and only received 19? It’d usually take a while before the supplier knows about this error and could arrange a redelivery for the remaining item. With the update, while doing order receiving (GRN) you can immediately email the contents of the GRN along with a request to redeliver to the supplier.


Compare PO vs GRN

Users already doing order receiving on Zeemart will be happy to know that they can now compare their order contents with the GRN data to look for any variances between PO and GRN. Go to ‘Reports’, then select ‘Receiving report’ to try this feature now on the Buyer Hub.


Biometric unlock (iOS only)

For our iPhone users, we’ve added an additional security feature for you to better protect your data. You can now enable app unlock using Face ID or Touch ID to prevent unauthorised access. On the app, simply go to ‘More’ > ‘Password & security’ to enable this. (For Android users: Coming soon!)


Download the update now

Or log in to Buyer Hub:

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