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November Product Updates!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Here's a list of key features we've added for Zeemart.

1. Self sign-up

We've made it faster to get started on Zeemart. Just download the app and create an account. Simply register using your mobile phone or email and place your first order on Essentials.

2. Browse Deals & Essentials without an account

Not ready to create an account? No worries! Go ahead and browse through our items in Essentials first. When you're ready to purchase, click on Sign up to create your account.

Click "See what's available" > Enter address > View Deals/Essentials

3. Company verification

For those of you keen on earning order rebates, just upload an ACRA certificate (or something similar) as proof of your business registration. Verification usually takes 1- 2 business days. You can do so by clicking "Manage companies" under settings.

Click here to learn more.

4. Addition of credit cards

You can now add your credit card info in using our mobile app. This was previously only available on our Buyer Hub desktop. Click here to learn more.

To enjoy these new features and more, please download the latest version of Zeemart from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!


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